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Keeping Everett Teens Alcohol Free!

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The Parents’ Action Committee of Everett (PACE,) is a group of parents of middle school children who are taking a stand to help prevent underage drinking.  Our mission is to provide Everett parents with tools and resources to empower them to candidly discuss the risks of alcohol with their children.

Are you the parent of a middle school student?

You have an amazing opportunity to support your child in making healthy choices.  It’s never too late to start talking to your kids about making good decisions.

Resources for Parents

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Children who have at least one caring adult who they can talk with about problems are more likely to make healthy decisions and avoid alcohol use.

Help The
Middle School Students in Everett

Prevent Underage Drinking

We’ve pulled together a number of resources, activities, research and more to help you talk with your middle school pre-teen, tween, and teen. We’re dedicated to making a difference and helping Everett families. We hope you explore our website and click below for access to the Power of 6 materials.

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